Immediate Action Drills Course



Immediate Action Drills Course

(4 days/night)


System of work: French and British special forces.

Necessary prior skills: the candidates must have tactical experience for work with complet equipment and weapons system (day+night).


Number of candidates: 10 maximum.


Course is aimed at: Candidates will learn how to improve their reaction under enemy fire. Course is designed to improve chances to survive in combat. Training will be focused on fast defensives and offensives technics, by foot and with cars (possible version of course only by foot or only with car).


Manner of work: individual and team


- immediate Action Drills overview (origin and concepts)

- gear preparation (Weapons, ammunitions, clothes, patrol bag, radios, vehicles and

   combat kits check-list)

- formations for moving

- formation for stops

- shooting technics (day+night)


- defensives tactics

- offensives tactics

- immediate assault preparing and conducting

- IED contact drill

- sniper contact drill

- man down rescue drill

- live fire simulated contacts in various situations

- debriefing.


Equipment needed:

- personal weapon, pistol, sub-machine gun, rifle, sniper rifle, MG

- spare magazine for pistol (2), for AR (6 minimum)

- protective gear: goggles, ear-protection, hat or helmet...

- working different clothes: uniform/suit/civilian clothes (+1 old shirt to destroy)

- footwear

- belt

- rain jacket

- protection for elbows and knees

- water bottle or “camel back”

- cleaning kit

- notebook and pencil (recommended)

- backpack (patrol bag for 24h)

- knife


- tactical light (mounted or not)

- individual first-aid kit

- 1 vehicle (sedan, van, 4X4...) for 3 persons for instruction with cars



- 800 cartridges/pistols

- 1000 cartridges/assault rifle or sub machine gun

- 1500 cartridges/light machine gun

- 20 smoke hand grenades

- 20 offensive hand grenades (or exercise grenade)


Price: 3.000 eura (including 20% VAT)


Price includes:

- hotel accomodation and food, three meals of choice lunch

- transportation from the airport to the hotel, during the entire course and back from the hotel to the airport

- weapons, ammunition and all necessary equipment for participation in the course

- medical examination of all participants, prior to the beginning 

medical support during during the entire course (24 hours)

- around the clock presence of TTT personnel

- complete support in contacts and communication with local state representatives od administration and security services

- around the clock presence and active participation of an interpreter (English, French, Russian…)

- T-shirts and caps for participants

- certificate of participation


Payment conditions : 50% in advance, when applying for the course, at minimum

30 days before the start. Remaing 50% to be paid one day before start of the course.  

Time of the course realization: calendar courses or according to a specific request


Information and registration :